This project was set by Brew Ha Ha, a brewery situated in Birmingham, who invited designers, artists and illustrators to create a new range of craft beers for Summer 2021 loosely based on 3 geometric shapes - circle/ square/ triangle.


The goal for this brief was to create a new, playful and experimental craft beer that is influenced by squares. I chose to look at the younger demographic, particularly the clubbing scene, and decided on a set of beers that include condoms within the label, incorporating the square literally, while making sure the customers were fully prepared on a night out. 


Based on the concept of 'Safe Sex', the colours and assets of the packaging are influenced by the adverts of Durex, as well as similar medical advice posters. The logo was created by experimentation with condom packaging, and the typeface was created to symbolise the easiness of the product. Each bottle includes a condom within the label, and is obtained by pulling down the 'zip' on the side of the packaging.

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