DISRUPT Festival


DISRUPT Festival is an online, constructed and radical festival that allows anyone to show their passion. It promotes diversity and uniqueness with no hierarchy involved, with their aim to get their audience to ‘unlearn, rethink and restructure’.


The goal of this brief was to raise the profile and awareness of the event, and to create excitement surrounding it. I wanted to show the eclectic and diverse range of work on show by incorporating the festival's intention of being the 'antidote' to the isolation of the pandemic, mainly by being held online for anyone to join. 


Created using electrical tape and tracing paper, I chose these mediums due to the the brand's aim of joining people together, and the tracing paper represents the layers of the event, which is accessible for anyone to watch and join. Experimenting with scanning and copying allowed me to join these materials into one while keeping the construction of the materials visible.

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